A Week in Review 1/22/12

Sometimes it is difficult to see the larger picture.

Example: Why do I have to memorize these biology definitions? To pass the class.
Biology isn’t my thing. Why do I need to take this stupid class? After you pass this class, you will be so so close to graduating college.
What’s so great about having a piece of paper, anyway? Hopefully finding jobs will be easier, the thousands of dollars that you and your parents are paying in student loans won’t be for nothing, and you’ll be a happier, more confident person after completing this monster accomplishment.

Oh, right. So..after this blog post I’ll be studying biology…but the point is that it’s way to easy to let the little accomplishments pass by without noticing them. When it feels like you’re accomplishing nothing, it’s much easier to give up on a goal; at least it is for me.

which brings me to this little segment: Each week I’ll look back at things that happened or that I’ve done in the week before, slanting towards the positive. and here we are,
A Week in Review – Sunday, January 22, 2012:

1. I started my Biology class – the 2nd to last credit for my undergrad degree.

Knitters & Bitters

2. I went to my first Knitters and Bitters meeting. This is a group that meets at a different pub every week to knit!  A friend started this over a month ago and I’ve been meaning to go. Cute name, eh??

3. I made significant progress in cleaning out the pit of my room. Over the years, my room at my parents’ house has become a closet of random things. It’s a big, ongoing project that I’m finally tackling.

4. I had my first two days of real work at a new job: an afterschool program with kiddos-not a bad day job.

5. Samwise left for Boston after a final-for-now hangout at Rio Rita. My good friend went to finish school – bitter sweet.

6. I made two recipes off of Budget Bytes: quick curried chickpeas and broccoli shells n’ cheese.

7. I watched the better part of an entire season of 30 Rock. All on Netflix instant!

8. Andrew (the boyfriend) moved into a sweet new place. My mom found it for him and my dad helped moved stuff.

      Hanging out at the new abode

9. I learned 2 songs on ukulele: Five foot 2, Eyes of Blue & Unattainable by Little Joy.

10. Hey look, my first entry on this blog!


See ya soon!