A Week in Review – 1/29/11

This past week was pretty low key. Here are some things that were part of it:

 A Week in Review – Sunday, January 29, 2012:

1. 1st semester freak-out. Well, it was bound to happen. I missed a couple of Biology classes, turned in an assignment late, and did that thing where I make myself too late to being to make it to an event. So I didn’t quite get to the art show, sketch show, and now movie I was planning on. But you know, it’s ok. One, it completely makes sense to be excited about a class and falter a bit once the real work begins. It’s a bit of a reality check and I think a lot of us do this. Two, I’m learning that I need to be honest with myself about what I really want to be doing…if it’s important, it’s worth pushing through anxiety and leaving the house EARLY. If it’s not, no reason to feel bad about not going, right?

A delicious yard egg breakfast, complete with craft blogs and two breakfast beverages.

2. Fresh eggs. Have I mentioned that the boyfriend has chickens? They’re neat creatures, and their eggs are delicious. You can really tell the freshness and it’s nice to know how well the animals were treated who produced the food. His chickens lay pretty, light blue eggs.

3. Insane storm! like, wakes you up and makes you wonder if it’s okay to be sleeping by a window insane.

Making horizontal lines with a warm crayon on not-yet-dry wax helped to blend colors.

 4. Melted crayon experiments! My buddy, Michelle, showed me how to make paintings by melting crayons! Using a hairdryer, hold the crayon(s) against your canvas and move it around however you want when the wax starts to melt and drip. A high setting creates splatters and a lower setting gives you more control.  It’s a quite simple, but interesting art project. It’s so abstract, which was really different for me. It’d be fun to experiment with this in different ways.

5. I realized the need for glasses…yeah, driving home one involved so much squinting it made me nervous. This sparked a fun search for glasses at vintage stores. Didn’t find my match, but I did gawk at all the neat things. Any suggestions of places to find CHEAP vintage, used, or any non-slave labored glasses frames in Austin? It’s a long shot, I know, but I haven’t given up yet.

6. First paycheck…was not as much money as I would like, because it wasn’t a full pay period, and training expenses, etc. BUT, it’s the first of many in a steady pattern, which is the exciting good thing.

7. Small town wonderland. South Congress is all fancy and pretentious in not my favorite ways, but it still has its charm. Seeing adults frolicking around Big Top Candy Shop and kids scurrying away with bunches of bags made me feel a little like being in Diagon Alley during Christmas time…I mean, what I imagine it would be…right. Side note: I’m dissapointed that spellcheck doesn’t recognize “Diagon”. Also, I randomly ran into my sister and her husband and had a surprise dinner with them! Eve and I saw each other’s cars parked, and then realized we’s been going to stores right next to each other. This big city – small town blend is really nice sometimes.

8. A couple of hangouts with a couple of old friends.

 9. Music goals for next week made. more on that as progressions are hopefully made.

10. I made a semester long project proposal. This is a big step for me. (actually, it was sent Monday! damn my need for accuracy! Maybe I CAN be a journalist?!) I’ve never successfully completed a project / paper that actually took an entire semester to complete.   Turns out I won’t be working with the professor I sent it to, but I got very good feedback and am very excited about what could come out of this. Yes, it’s all quite vague. More when it’s all set in stone. Yay!

And now, something that made me laugh out loud and re-watch it:



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