A Week in Review 2-12-12

A quick and belated week in review…in the week preceding Sunday, February 12th…


1) After many cravings, finally I made corn chowder. with a couple of modifications…

2) I did some massive organizing of the papers in my closet. This took many hours on Saturday…and then again on Sunday. The best way to describe the accumulation of things in this closet is overwhelming doom. which is why I’m proud of myself for getting past what, for motivational purposes, I’m going to call the hardest part. My strategy? I made labels with index cards for four sections – elementary school, middle school, high school, and college – and spread these out on the living room carpet. Each time a subcategory (english, fun times, social studies) came up, i  cut another label from a card and grouped it with the umbrella category. If an outside category came up (pictures, postcards), I made another small group. I had a TON of paper to recycle and one box of memories by the end.

3) I ran out of gas. on the highway. In moments like these it’s really quite helpful to have
1. a wide shoulder lane to pull over in 2. a charged cell phone 3. a really nice dad
This combination of things got me to work safely and without tears. So much luck and kindness.

4) Danced it out at the Sock Hop. Likely due to the hazy weather, this one wasn’t as well attended as usual, but quite fun. That did change up the scene though, which is nice. Less people = less pressure. My best ladyfriend and I had a girlz dance night. Whiskey sours + ladyfriend x soul music = a happy Sunday night.



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