A Week in Review – 2/19/2012

A Week in Review, Sunday, February 19, 2012:

This week I…

1. subbed in a classroom for the first time. I’m an on-call sub for kind of a pre-school, for the mornings..yeah, after dancing til almost 2am… but you never know when that call is going to come-possibly at 6:45 (in the morning!). I went in a little after 8, met some cool kids, saw a nice school. It was actually pretty fun.

2. got a few valentines from kiddos – totally brightened up my day. There is a flower sitting in a vase on the piano still, and this one pictured at right. ❤

3. caught up to the current episodes of 30 Rock, and am incidentally realizing I need more hobbies again..

4. chose to work a couple of extra days when I could have had an extra day off. little more stress, little more money?

5. went to a Puppet Improv Project workshop at The New Movement. This was SUCH FUN. I’ve taught puppet class and done some puppet shows at Magic Camp, and lots of improv classes / performances at The New Movement, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve done either of these things. What a silly and fun combination of things! It was nice to learn new things and do something creative with a group of people…provided some more motivation for putting more creativity back in my life.

6. finally learned how to play Tonight You Belong To Me on uke, via this tutorial. You can scroll through videos on YouTube’s sidebar and see a ton of different covers of this song. I think it’s really cool to see so many different people connecting to it and taking something different from this song. It seems that The Jerk really made the song popular in more recent days, which is the version I learned. Here is what I think is the original. This song has taken many forms!

7. actually studied?! Seemingly not enough, but whenever I can get myself to sit down and focus on learning something I’m not excited about it’s an accomplishment. Sometimes even if it’s something I am excited about…

a happy part of said feast

8. got the ball rolling in finding a place to live.
I talked to a friend about roommate possibilities, saw an open room in a house…I was jobless for a bit and came  back to my parents’ when my last lease ran up. They’ve been super supportive, but I need to move forward to independence. Excited about possibilities!

9. used a Chanukah gift certificate to eat a delicious feast at Thai Kitchen.

10. saw the aftermath of this horrible auto-pedestrian crash. Here is another article. Basically, someone drove out of control and hit two people standing on the sidewalk (as well as a bike rack, potted plants, driving on the wrong side of the road, and finally crashing into a sign). Apparantly, she’d been in the hospital that day and had been given drugs that no one should be driving on.

To be clear, the driver and two people hit were gone when we got there. Walking up to Thai Kitchen, Loretta and I saw the car crashed into the Four Son’s Cleaners sign. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many police cars in one place. They had blocks of Guadalupe blocked off. We walked around the back way to the restaurant. No one inside knew exactly what had happened. Blue and red lights flashed outside of the windows. One man was killed.

They were just standing outside of Wheatsville. This is one of my favorites stores; I’m there all the time. I’m not sure what to take from this except 1) make other transportation arrangements if you might be in a state in which you shouldn’t drive, and 2) life is fragile; remember to live it.



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