Zippered Hand Warmers!

ACK it’s been awhile. Life’s been kinda…crazy around here lately. Updates on my corner of the world soon. But first, checkout this awesome diy project for you knitters out there. Don’t knit? I suggest learning a couple of basics. It won’t take you long, there are tons of youtube videos for help, and then you’ll be able to create things from just some yarn, which feels great.

I found this link through CraftZine’s Blog, but the project is from the Purl Bee.


Zippered Hand Warmers! Here’s what Whitney has to say about them:

”¬†Zippers, in this case, dispose of their actual use and embrace the whimsy of their style. Bold and chunky, bright and friendly, these zippers are here for our entertainment only! Wear them on the palm side or the knuckle side; up, down, or half way in between, they’ll make you smile!”

Truth. See the whole pattern HERE. May your wrists be warmer and you life be sillier


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