SXSW Update

SXSW is finally coming to a close. Downtown has been flooded with angry drivers, every business with a 10 x 10 foot space became a temporary “venue,” and every other event you heard of was called something by something something. (My favorite description that I came up with was drunk by drunk consequences.)

Like probably most Austinites, I too get annoyed by the week long takeover of our city. But honestly, I’ve gotten used to the party everyday. Most of my days this week have begun in the late afternoon, and involved cheap drinks and awesome people. Improvements for next year: earlier starts, more planning ahead for bands, and more shows all together.

Thee Oh Sees / 29th St. Ballroom / Friday, March 16.
There must have been 20 people from the crowd on stage by the end of the last song.

Here’s a quick – really quick – summary of my SXSW week:

Monday: attempted Thee Oh Sees, Spiderhouse, familiar faces, too crowded, 4am crash.

Tuesday: downtown evening wandering, Tuesgayz, Belaire, new folks

Wednesday: wow hangover, hangover lunch, Wardenclyffe, Pi Party, The Mole People, The Seedy Seeds, concrete tripped, porch beers

Thursday: oh dear icing my foot, horrible traffic / parking, random friends, downtown early evening wandering, booty bounce dance party with Nicky da B starting right in front of me, WAFFLE TACO, painting branches

Friday: tacos, amazing & cheap vintage from Green House, close friends, queso, The Strange Boys, Thee Oh Sees (for real this time!), dude spilled beer on my leg, found $10 on the floor.

Saturday: SPENT.

Life can’t only be one giant party…it’s a balanced party. Gotta keep it going. So excited for the reminder of what happens when I choose to go outside and get outside of my own head.



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