10 Ways to Re-use T-shirts

I have a ridiculous amount of old t-shirts I never wear. They’ve been sitting in drawers, wasting away for years, and I feel it’s time to do something about them. Problem is, so many represent memories that I don’t want to let go…but I also don’t want to wear giant unflattering shirts. I searched online for ways to make old t-shirts into something new, and here are some cool projects I found:

1. Yarn
2. Memory Scarf
3. Freestyle Quilt
4. Bags
5. Notebook
6. Craft Kit
7. Produce Bags
8. Mat
9. Beaded Necklace
10. Crocheted Rug

Projects that lose the images on the shirts: the yarn, beaded necklace, crocheted rug, and mat

Projects that maintain smaller parts of the images: the notebook, craft kit, and produce bags.

Projects that show off the main part of the t-shirt: the scarf, quilt and bags

For the shirts that I want the images, I’m thinking of the scarf and / or quilt. There’s something comforting about your memories keeping you warm… The yarn, rugs, and necklace could be an excellent use of scraps. Hopefully this gives you some ideas if you’re looking to do similar projects.

Any suggestions?


PS. This is also my first attempt at using Illustrator ever. (yeah free trial!)


6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Re-use T-shirts

  1. I’ve done quite a bit of work with T-shirts over the last few months, including several of the ideas you’ve posted here. One of my favorite new-sew options is the (ever popular) infinity scarf because there are so many ways to customize them. I also like to save the small scraps from other creations to make scrunchies, bracelets, and t-shirt flowers!

  2. I love the tote bag idea! I think I have a t-shirt or 2 that I’d love to turn into bags like that!

    Mats and rugs are also great ideas. That’s how I plan to use up a few old shirts that have gotten too many holes to wear but still have a lot of usable fabric left in them.

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