Choose Your Own Adventure – Birthday!

THIS blurry photo is a choose your own adventure birthday card I made for my lovely friend, Gina, recently.

It begins with “You wake up and remember it’s your birthday. You…” All paths end with a bunch of friends having a swell ol’ time. Except the part towards the top right . That path ended quickly with her friends crying because they forgot her birthday…and I accidentally didn’t finish that path. I knew there must’ve been a reason why I had to fill up that giant white space with the YAY! Hey, beauty in the imperfections, right?

Along the way, we have cake made with tears, drinks are too strong, and there is a choreographed dance to a Joni Mitchell song…with lots of arm swaying. In the end (of all the other paths), everyone celebrates her birthday and there is happiness all around.

Originally, the elaborate card idea came out of being broke and a little poor planning. I wanted to at least come with something enjoyable. It was fun to make and it worked out well. Actually, the characters in the story were the four of us left at the end of her party. Perfect! Silly cards are so fun; there’s no pressure for amazing art, and you can really make something personalized into whatever you want.

My birthday is in two days! Ah….what to do….



Life, oh my!

Remember me?!

I’m still here. Actually, I’m somewhere else in real life. A couple of weeks ago, I moved! It is a lovely older house with two other ladies in centralish Austin. Let’s see, what were the most fun parts….let’s be honest, moving is always a pain. But no point in dwelling.


old new room

All in all, it’s been completely worth it. The actual most fun parts have been hanging out with new roommates, setting up / decorating the new space, living central enough to walk to a coffeeshop and make neighbor friends, and enjoying a large porch. Oh, the joys of having a porch.

new new room!



I haven’t had a stable living situation since…last August? So I’m excited to say the least. Though it’s some work, setting up a new space for yourself can be somewhat therapeutic. Since I haven’t made a space just for me in awhile, this has been especially important.

I had been feeling stuck in my lifestyle, and this is a celebratory change. It’s legitimately difficult, and completely true that we can make real changes in our own lives. Here’s to this steep step of a change in mine!

If anyone would like to share, I’d love to hear about any positive changes you’ve made in your lives!