A Breakfast Break

Hi, Friends!

As you may of noticed, Breakfast Bowl has been on a bit of a hiatus..I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been attending to other things in my personal life, and haven’t been spending as much time on creative ventures as I’d like. This was mostly a period of frantic unemployment that is finally coming to a close. I have lots of ideas and am really excited to   jump into this adventure. In the mean time, some of my favorite creative blogs are listed on the Blogs page if you want to check them out. See you in August!



Smell that love in the air yet?

9 days until V-Day!

Okay, I don’t expect a lot of people reading this to be super excited about Valentine’s Day. It’s definitely not a major holiday on my radar, but it is a holiday, and what’s a holiday? A themed reason to celebrate! and there’s nothing wrong with that.

From now until the days leading up to V-Day, I’ll be posting valentines themed diy project ideas both from my world and from the vast internet world. Let’s take this opportunity to be creative, non-consumer whores!