Life, oh my!

Remember me?!

I’m still here. Actually, I’m somewhere else in real life. A couple of weeks ago, I moved! It is a lovely older house with two other ladies in centralish Austin. Let’s see, what were the most fun parts….let’s be honest, moving is always a pain. But no point in dwelling.


old new room

All in all, it’s been completely worth it. The actual most fun parts have been hanging out with new roommates, setting up / decorating the new space, living central enough to walk to a coffeeshop and make neighbor friends, and enjoying a large porch. Oh, the joys of having a porch.

new new room!



I haven’t had a stable living situation since…last August? So I’m excited to say the least. Though it’s some work, setting up a new space for yourself can be somewhat therapeutic. Since I haven’t made a space just for me in awhile, this has been especially important.

I had been feeling stuck in my lifestyle, and this is a celebratory change. It’s legitimately difficult, and completely true that we can make real changes in our own lives. Here’s to this steep step of a change in mine!

If anyone would like to share, I’d love to hear about any positive changes you’ve made in your lives!



Happy Leap Day!

and I thought daylight savings was exciting…forget an hour, we get a whole EXTRA DAY!
I know, the world doesn’t stop, but we do have a whole extra 24 hours to…have fun together…create something…finish a project…catch up on work…be outside…sleep…or anything else.

Please go forth, and do whatever you want and need to do.